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Touch the world on your doorstep with the Reach Programme

Thousands of international students arrive in the UK each year.  Many come from countries where it is not possible to speak openly about Jesus.  Friends International's vision is that each student has the opportunity to encounter Jesus through a Christian friend.

Who do we recruit?

The Reach Programme is especially designed for:

  • Committed Christians who have recently graduated
  • Those willing to give one or two years of their time to befriend and share the gospel with international students
  • Fluent English speakers

What's the job?

As a Reach volunteer with Friends International Guildford you will spend one or two years befriending and sharing the good news of Jesus with international students.  You will be based in Guildford alongside an experienced member of staff, who will be your supervisor.  Your daily timetable will include:

  • Helping to organise a programme of events
  • Leading Bible studies (one to one or small group)
  • Visiting students and supporting and encouraging local church volunteers
  • Personal training and study

Training and Study Opportunities!

We see this year as not only an opportunity for Friends International Guildford to have an extra team member but as a year to invest in you as a person, to help you grow in your relationship with Christ and develop your gifts.  We see training and study as key components of the year.

All enquiries about the Reach Programme should be made to Rocco Dalia:

Check out the link below for a short video interview about the Reach Programme:

An Adobe Reader (PDF) version of this document is available here: reach.pdf